Branding & Corporate

Finding the commercial impact of the Products is very important for developing Private Brand products. However the important aspects are not only that. The company needs to plan their strategy and need to reflect their philosophy on their Private Brand products. In many cases the PB products are series of various products. Our duties are designing logo and highly versatile design for different type packaging that must communicate PB concepts. To succeed that aim we often involve form very beginning of the projects.

Triumph Design's vast experiences will help to create and develop PB Design products. We provide best balance between the functionality for the product management and design property.

The succession of the ASKUL's PB products “Genba no Chikara” and “Business Fit” are typical sample of PB design. Both PB has achieved a significant sales immediately after the introduction of the PB. We have taken crucial roll of developing both PB's and have succeeded to build up Brand image.